BLUEBERRY1 164-0445

BLUEBERRY1 164-0445

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The seer-sucker effect that gives a fresh look to and elegant and comfortable cotton voile, easy to wear thanks to the fluidity of viscose.

More colorways available.

Possibility of customization.

Made following the TAIANA RRR process: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.
TAIANA RELYFE, to meet the global demand for eco friendly fabrics.
The warp-set of this article, part of the RELYFE eco-sustainability project, is enitirely made of FSC certified viscose.

Technical Data

  • 64% Cotton, 28% Viscose, 8% Linen
  • weight: 82 gr/m2
  • width: 140 ±3 cm

Minimum Order Quantity

  • minimum for sampling: 20 mt/col
  • minimum for bulk production: 100 mt/col